A New Cyber Brief

We are glad to announce a new, improved version of the Cyber Brief, our monthly report which provides a carefully selected set of publicly known cybersecurity events.

Embracing modernity

While our old website gave us a public presence and a space where we could share our publications, it used a design that was all the rage in the 1990s, when Mosaic was the best browser of its time. It took us some time but we are finally embracing modernity. So say hi to our new website!

Committed to the cause! Cyber Europe 2022

Committed to the Union cybersecurity cause, CERT-EU participated in the real-life scenario pan-European exercise Cyber Europe 22 hosted by the European cybersecurity agency (ENISA). CERT-EU coordinated the EU institutions, bodies and agencies.

Cybersecurity mitigation measures against critical threats

On Feb 14, we made a joint publication with ENISA, strongly encouraging all EU-based organisations to implement a set of cybersecurity best practices. Building on this joint publication, we made available specific implementation recommendations. By applying these, organisations can boost their cybersecurity defence and resilience.

We got cookies

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